15 June 2014
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15 June 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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How is Instagram Video Better than Vine?

It has recently been announced that Instagram is soon going to shoot videos for the users as well. The news has been given by Facebook; however, it has not been confirmed yet. A facebook representative broke this news to the media and has state that the photo sharing app is soon going to capture videos too. It would be great news for the users of Instagram.
Facebook always copies the hit features of other social media networks. It introduced poke option and a feature of Snapchat picture messaging clone too. After the success of Twitter vines, which gained a lot of popularity recently, Facebook is likely to add the feature of video shooting in Instagram.
Most of the Instagram users are happy to know that they would soon be able to upload their videos on Instagram. However, most of the people are passing bad comments on Facebook as well. It is likely that the users are going to welcome the change.
One of the main reasons why people are going to like this app is that it would allow the users to use the filters on their videos. They would be able to add effects in their videos to make it look more interesting and attractive. Vines; on the other hand, do not incorporate the feature of using these filters.
Most of the Instagram users are looking forward to new features in the Instagram apps. People would love to see that Instagram allows them to add sounds in their videos too. Vines do not contain this feature. Vines only contain the sounds in the background which are captured at the time of filming the video. They cannot edit the sounds and replace the background voices. However, the users are expecting that Instagram video shooting app would eliminate the issue. The users are also expecting to post their videos and photos in separate news feeds. This is going to soothe the pursuits of photography.
Vine is an application which is very difficult to master in. Most of the people state that it would become quite hard for Facebook to incorporate this feature in the Instagram. The stop motion format of vines is difficult to manage. The users of Twitter vines are the people who have considerable knowledge on the usage of the technique. Some of the best videos have been produced using Twitter vines. However, it is expected that the filters of Instagram are surely going to add an amazing effect in the videos of Instagram just like they do with the photos.
It is going to be a hard process for Facebook to create an app similar to that of Twitter Vines. The app is definitely going to be loved by the Instagram users; however, it cannot be made exactly like Vines.
Facebook is working on the innovation. No comments have been given by the Facebook representatives in this regard though. Let’s see if the rumours are going to get proved in the near future or not!

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