9 January 2018

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Importance of Facebook Likes in Social Life

‘Man is by nature a social animal’. (Aristotle). He cannot live alone. He has in his DNA to interact with other human beings. With the invention of Internet and Worldwide Web, the world has become a Global Village. He has the proper tools to connect with other people’s lives. Social media is an important part of the Web. With the invention of Social Media Services, you can see part of other people’ lives in a blink of an eye. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. are some of the popular social media site. The most used and followed of them is Facebook.

Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004. Currently it has more than 2 billion active users. These people upload pictures and videos for their friends, family members, or acquaintances to see them. In return they express their thoughts and feelings by liking and commenting on them. Now the arising thought is “Importance of Facebook Likes”.  Why Facebook likes are important? Do they matter? What kind of impact they have in our lives? In which ways do they affect our way of thinking? These are the kind of questions that come to our minds.

Following are some ways in which Facebook likes matter.

Building Relationships

Facebook is one of the best ways to create new friends or stay in contact with old ones. It helps you to improve your social circle in life. Facebook likes will help you to reach more and more people which will increase the social circle of yours by engaging more people to your posts. If your posts are catchy then they will spread more quickly and more people would be attracted towards them. So Facebook likes will help to improve and build new relations on this platform.

Potential for Business expansion

Facebook likes help you to improve your business development. Having your product exposed on a well-liked page, helps in increasing your business model. Facebook likes will enhance the engagement of people to your posts about the products you deal with. As discussed earlier Facebook is one of the most used platform of social importance, so an enhanced and well-liked Facebook posture of your company will surely improve your business. Facebook likes will surely expand your business via its potential.

Improving Self-Esteem

It is proved that getting likes on your picture increases your self-esteem. Thus, it helps in having a better perspective of life. Facebook likes play important role in the improvement of personal profile among the competitors of yours on this platform. Apart from business perspective, Facebook likes will improve the personal profiles also in assured manners.

Political Importance

Facebook likes are important for political individuals and parties. They help to spread the motives and public relations of political entities. Political campaigns can be spread widely by using Facebook likes. Political figures can use it to share their motives and perspective to the people they intend to engage with them.

Potential for News Agencies

Facebook likes have a direct impact on the News agencies as they surely help to spread the news to more and more people. People who would like the pages of News agencies would be notified with every news post and activity on the page. So these likes will help to improve the potential of these agencies directly.

Facebook likes surely provide a vast potential in the field of improving social circle and to reach more and more people all over the world. You should take advantage of them in order to expand your profile, business, company, etc.

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