19 March 2014
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19 March 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
19 March 2014, Comments: Comments Off on Why it’s Important to be “Liked”

Why it’s Important to be “Liked”

Being “liked” on Facebook is the equivalent of being popular in high school. Someday we’ll look back and realize it wasn’t that important, but right now, it feels really important. As long as Facebook is a part of our lives then getting “likes” is something to think about and consider, especially for businesses. Most American’s spend a huge portion of their time on the internet and many people spend a huge portion of that time on Facebook. There are several reasons why getting “likes” is important to you and your business, and ways you can get more “likes”
Firstly, the more “likes” you have the easier it is for your business page to show up as one of the number one items on a google search. On top of this, the more likes you have the more professional you appear. A page that has 3 “likes” on Facebook isn’t going to be taken as seriously as a page that has over a thousand “likes.”
To get more “likes” there are several simple things you can do. Firstly, make sure you have a nice landing page. Invest in a design. You can’t be taken seriously if you’re landing page is all grey and boring. Remember, that first impressions are very important, and for many, this may be the first impression they get of your business or company, you need to make it a good one and have a professional and aesthetically pleasing page.
Have you ever noticed that some people are just better at racking up “likes” than others? There are reasons for that. Firstly, having a lot of friends helps. Make alliances with similar businesses and promote one another to gain more likes. The more people who see your page the better off you will be and the more “likes” you are likely to get.
You need followers to gain followers. You may have to buy some. There are people who will get people to like your page for a price. The more followers you have, the more likely you are to draw new ones in who are curious to see what the hype is about.
Appreciate your fans. Remember that your fans are a major form of advertisement for you. When they click on the “like” button, they are sharing your page with all of their friends which may in turn share it with their friends. Make sure you “talk” to your fans and keep them up to date with going-ons in your business or company. If they feel they can relate to you and you seem approachable to them the more likely they are to pass you on to their friends.

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