18 June 2014
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An Insight Into Facebook

The famous website Facebook has attracted charm all over the world as a social media forum which allows its users to connect with each other and share stuff, and that too for free. It is the emergence of the site with growing popularity that is stunning the audience with its magic and continuing to make them addicts of the website.
As such, it is the features and the specifications offered by the site which have been largely contributing to the fan following. The features offered by the site range from the user profile, Facebook notes, news feed and notifications.
The User Profile
The format and interface of the user profile was totally changed in the year 2011 which later became known as timeline. Profiles can be created with profile photos, lists of personal interests, information about the user, contact details, life events and other information such as college you attended or job status. And the user has complete authority over the visibility of information. The user can control what information he wants other users to access and what he does not.
The profile allows the user to communicate with other users who can be your existing friends or you can make new ones over the website. The profile features messaging option, chat feature and allows you to share different content, for instance photos, videos and links.
The Facebook Pages
The feature Facebook pages was launched in 2007 which allows users to get in touch with various businesses, and that too in the same way as they get in touch with their friends.
Gender Allowance
Facebook has recently added a feature of allowing the users to choose from among a range of genders available. This was done in response to a request from Nepal’s gay politician who wanted a separate category for people belonging to other genders.
News Feed
News feed forms an important part of the working of the site. It appears on the homepage of every individual user and contains information of various sorts. Upcoming events, changes regarding profiles, birthdays of the people in your list, all appear in the news feed.
Privacy Settings
The privacy settings of the site have been evolving over time with a consistent effort being made to satisfy a user base which is as large as billions of users. The enhanced privacy settings allow the users to customize the privacy of every post as they desire. Had it not been the privacy settings allowed by the website, the site would not have been this popular.

Moreover, Facebook allows you to upload content which is beyond measure. You are able to share photos, videos, links and other stuff without having any limit. And every post can have altered privacy. This is the uniqueness the site offers.
Also, the sharing allows you to connect to your counterparts and friends from all over the world. Which means life is fun and you can have access to people which were hard to reach by just signing in to the website.

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