28 February 2014
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28 February 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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Instagram for Brands

Instagram is one of the best platforms for businesses and brands. Instagram was considered as a winner for the year 2013 according to several findings. Experts say that if a company is selling products and is not on Instagram, then it is missing out a lot of on brand awareness and the revenue.
Instagram has the most followers in 2013 and is earning considerable revenue out of it. The brands which have signed up on Instagram observed 7% growth in their followers and engagement. The overall revenue which is obtained by the brands on Instagram has observed to increase over a period of time. It means that social commerce is a real phenomenon.
Instagram is among the best platforms which are used by the other brands. It is much stronger than Facebook and other social media sites.
If you are the owner of a brand and you want to take full benefit out of it, then here are some initial steps for you to get started:
• First of all, sign up for an account on Instagram and select your username. The username must be such that it clearly represents the brand of your business. Therefore, choose it carefully.
• Now, add a photo. Write down the biography of your brand on the profile so that the followers get to know about your brand. Also, add a link to your website on your profile too. That would help the followers in reaching your website once they make up their mind to purchase your product.
• You can connect your account of Instagram with all the other social media sites and many other third party websites where you have created your brand account. This would help you in sharing the details of your launch and products with the people on the other networks at a time. By connecting your account with other networks, you would be able to share your photos to their services. You can share it on the brand page of Facebook too. Also, it would let your friends on Facebook find you without any problem. It would create a new story in Instagram for the people who follow you on Facebook and has connected his Facebook with your Instagram.
• Share your post regarding your presence on Instagram on your Facebook page. Let them know about your username on Instagram so that they could easily see your photos on Instagram.
• Use and search the tags for connecting with your audience on Instagram. You can also make use of hashtag for finding some specific brands.
If you own a business, then start sharing your photos on Instagram and share them on other social media networks. Like all the other networks, Instagram has become one of the best social sites for the people. The brands are using it significantly for the purposes of marketing and advertisement and undoubtedly, they are earning huge revenues out of it. Business experts are strongly recommending Instagram to all the brands for marketing and promotional purposes.

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