5 April 2014
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Instagram- A brief Guide

You must have seen photos having excellent filters applied on them on Facebook and other social media sites. These photos are not in fewer amounts rather they are seen in massive amounts as the number of Instagram users is greatly increased over a period of time. If you have a Smartphone, then you use this application for exhibiting your editing and photography skills.
Instagram is a photo application which can be easily downloaded from Google Play store. This application can be used by Android and Apple users only.
Basic Guide to Instagram
After downloading the app from Google Play store, Instagram would ask you to create an account before starting using it. You just need to enter a username and a password to start using it. The reason behind account creation is that Instagram is not only an application but it has turned out to be a very famous social media network as well.
By maintaining your account on Instagram, you would be able to follow the photos of other users when they post them. You can follow people and let others follow you. You can make use of profile icon in order to find friends by their names or you can also search through the friends who are connected to your on the social media networks like Twitter and Facebook.
When you follow someone on Instagram, the photos will appear in the news feed. You can easily like and comment on their photos by going to the feed section. Similarly, your photos are going to appear on the news feeds of your friends. They would be able to like and comment on your photos.
When you create your account, you are able to open the app and snap your picture by using the camera. A menu is going to appear. You can share these pictures on social media networks too. You can change the color of the photo and can also get options to change the overall outlook of the pictures too. Apply filters with the help of options made available to you.
The filters which are provided by Instagram to the users include Hudson, Sierra, Amaro, Rise, X-Pro II, Lo fi, Sutro, Toaster, Valencia and many others. In addition to these, you can also download many other filters by paying certain amounts. In addition to changing the overall outlook of the photos, their colors and textures, you can also change the captions too.
Instagram incorporates excellent features. It has a very simple procedure and any one can use it. You can also use an option for switching to the maps in order to add various locations. You must keep in mind that the people who are following you would be able to view your photos and your locations too. So, you need to set the privacy settings accordingly.
Instagram is a wonderful app which can help you in giving a transformed outlook to your photos. You must know the basic guide in order to use it effectively.

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