16 August 2014
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16 August 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
16 August 2014, Comments: Comments Off on Instagram to Increase Ads on their App

Instagram to Increase Ads on their App

Instagram started to publish ads in their app a year ago, and now they are planning to enhance the amount of ads published in their application. Instagram users are already very frustrated to know the amount of ads Instagram is about to endorse. A major reason that many users found Instagram better than Twitter and Facebook was that there were no ads on Instagram. However, now Instagram is following the path of Facebook and have added ads as a source of revenue.
Instagram is however allowing ads to get publish but only in the way of trendy images, so that the main purpose of its app remains there. Advertisers are told to create attractive and creative images to showcase their products and services on Instagram. In this way, users would not feel much difference and will think of ads as just regular posts. Advertising on other social media sites have mostly received negative views overall from their users, however it will be a different case on Instagram for both marketers and users and unique images will be created for advertising purpose.
The main focus of Instagram is on the fact that users don’t feel ads as a new addition on their app, while the message of businesses also gets conveyed to the users on one of the famous social media platform. Although, users of Instagram dislike the ads, but still the companies and brands have found Instagram to be a useful and profitable platform for advertising, Famous chains like Taco Bell and Hollister and seen increase in customers with the help of ads on Instagram. Taco Bell found that advertising on Instagram gives 400 % better results as compared to normal advertising.
Senior Vice President of Hollister also stated how Instagram proved to be one of the best platforms for their brand advertising. He stated that cost of advertising on Instagram is quite high, but the results make it worth the price. He said that Hollister is planning to increase the number of ads on Instagram this summer due to positive feedback from users.
The ads on Instagram have proved to be very effective and now this social media app is extending the base of its advertisement to international users as well. Instagram owned by Facebook, is planning to expand the advertisement to Canada, UK and Australia. This is going to allow reach to much more users and it will lead to increase revenues for companies placing their ads on Instagram.
The ads that are generated on Instagram are not totally welcomed. Some users enjoy the ads as they are according to the rules of app by usage of trendy photo, while many oppose and are frustrated that another social media site has conceded to advertisements, just like Facebook and others. However, regardless of user’s resentment, it can be seen that ads are there for staying on Instagram and Instagram’s executives have major plans to increase the number of ads in coming days.

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