27 February 2014
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Instagram- An Introduction

Instagram was found around four years ago i.e. in 2010. Most of the people have heard of it; however, there are some people who have not even heard its name. It was released for iPhone users in the start. The sole reason behind this step was the best camera of iPhone. People love to take amazing pictures from their cameras. Instagram helped them in making their pictures more interesting. Let’s have a brief introduction with Instagram!

Instagram was launched in October, 2010. At that time, it ranked as the number one application on the app store of Apple. It was given the honour of iPhone application of the week as well. The application was liked by so many people in a very short time period. It reached to around 1 million downloads. Within two years, Instagram had 25 million users.

Here are some features which are incorporated in Instagram:
• You can take phones with this application or you can use the photos which are already there in your camera roll. You can give the photos your desirable title, which would be a fun thing to do. The photos can be shared instantly. You can not only share them on Instagram but can also share them on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr. You can also connect with your account and can tag your photos along with the location. The default setting of Instagram makes your photos go public. However, you can change the settings and can keep privacy on your photos as well.
• The best thing about Instagram is that you can manipulate the photos. This is the coolest feature of this application. Instagram has 11 different filters which can be used to enhance the interest of your pictures. You can make boring photos look absolutely amazing with the help of features available on Instagram. You can also purchase extra filters from the application too. The possibilities of photo manipulation are endless with Instagram.
• Instagram, just like all other social media networks is bases on having followers and friends. On Instagram, people follow other people. You would see your username, profile picture, the number of photos that have been uploaded by you and the number of followers that you have. When you follow any person, his pictures are going to appear in your feed. You can like their photos and comment on them as well. You can ask questions about photos too. Like all other social media sites, Instagram is a friendly site.
• With the help of Instagram, you are able to see which of your friends on Twitter and Facebook are using this application. You can easily follow them after finding them. There is a feature of invite friends which would directly link you with your address book. You can send invitations to your friends and follow whoever you want to.
These are a few features which make Instagram exceptionally great website. All the aforementioned features are surely going to make you fall in love with it.

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