31 July 2014
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Instagram- The Lux Effect

Instagram is owned by Facebook and all the changes and updates included in the Instagram are rendered by Facebook. Recently, another update has been added in the functionality of Instagram. Although the update is small, yet it is going to improve the user experience to a great extent.
With the help of this latest update on Instagram, the users would be able to add a slider for the Lux effect included in the effects of Instagram. The update has specially been created for IOS users. If you are an IOS user, then the users of this app would easily be able to strengthen the filter with the help of slider toggle. Similarly, they can also soften the filter with the help of this amazing update. This would help the users in adding a unique bright or a soft Lux effect to their photos. The improved Lux effect would help you in creating a perfect picture. IOS users are definitely going to love this update.
If you want to enable the Lux effect, touch the icon of sun after you capture the image with the help of Smartphone’s camera. You can also add the Lux effect to the photos which have been selected from the Camera roll. The users would love this effect as it would help them in producing a creative and a nice image.
This application was previously applied automatically to the selected image before the update was released. However, the Instagram 5.0.6 version is going to provide a perfect user experience to the users of iPhone and iPod. These users would be able to control all the working features of Lux effect. The effect did not have softening or strengthening features before this update. However, now the update would let you change the effect according to your own choice. You would be able to change the working of the The Lux effect right according to your needs.
Lux effect was launched two years ago in the Instagram application. It has now appeared with a new interface. It further contains a new filter which would allow the users to produce an excellent image.
Since the time Instagram application has been released, it has been facing a lot of changes and updates. Few of them have been liked by the users; however, some of the updates have also been removed because of the gesture of dislike from the users. It is expected that Instagram is going to release further updates regarding the other effects which have been incorporated in it. They would also have brightening or softening features in them.
Since the introduction of Instagram, the application has received variety of features and updates. One of the features which have been received by Instagram is a group sharing feature which allows the users to share their photos in their groups. Another update is regarding paid ads. This feature is quite close with the photo sharing feature of Instagram application.

The update features of Instagram app are definitely going to enhance the user experience over time.

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