18 July 2014
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18 July 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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Instagram as a Platform for Marketing

Everyone is well-known with a great social media networking website recognized as Instagram that allows its user to click and share photos and videos with their friends. Users are permissible to edit the photos by using inherent tools of photo editing. Let me give you all some tips, that how this bright and amusing website can turn into a platform for increasing your sales and status of your company and the products and services you offer to sell.
1. Importance of Video Sharing
Numerous people are uninformed of the fact that they can also make video of maximum 15 seconds length on Instagram. That can be prepared by using Instagram filters. One can also share that video to all other social media sites as well. As it is said that one video can give details more than what pictures or words can do, so do not challenge the power of video in catching customers towards your page. You can also embed that video on your website too.
2. Facebook Linkage with Instagram

You should join Instagram with your facebook fan page that you should have created before. It is really easy to connect Instagram with facebook page. This will make a lot simpler for you to share your Instagram pictures on facebook, and also it will make it easier for the people on facebook to connect and see your pictures on Instagram as well.
3. Learn the usage of Instagram to its best
Before you start operating Instagram, get yourself totally recognizable with it. Don’t just start with promotion of your product. First create your personal account and share some random photos and learn the complete game. This will assist a lot in learning this technology and in what ways it can be supportive to you. You can also observe how other users respond and act in reply to a specific content. Once you learn all this, then begin your product account and click and share photos of your products on Instagram.
4. Organizing Pictorial Contests If you want to construct a great fan following on Instagram then you should on and off run various pictorial contests. Persuade all your fans to participate in sharing various kind of photo and in return give them some bonuses of prizes. You can also push your facebook and twitter fans to come on Instagram and share their photos. This is a useful way to attract new customers.

5. Importance of Hastags on Instagram
Just like twitter, Instagram is also swamped with plenty of hashtags in daily routine. In this way your present customers and the potential customers both are probing for mixture of hashtags on Instagram, and in this way it becomes so simple for them to locate your brand on Instagram. Only use associated hashtags, that are related to that definite picture or video you are posting along with it. Do not use a lot of hashtags for facebook on pictures as audience of facebook is not greatly common with hashtags up till now.

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