7 August 2014
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7 August 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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Instagram’s New Photo Editing Tools

Now, you can easily add a special touch to your photo via Instagram as the application is receiving a lot of updates on its effects and filters. The big news is that this photo sharing social media application has been updated to version 6.0 recently. Now, you would be able to get perfect results in the form of perfect photos through the use of this amazing social media platform. It would become easier for you to add that special stroke in your photos which you were not able to add previously in your Instagram photos.
The best thing about the new version of Instagram is that it incorporates 10 new tools of photo editing in it. Isn’t it amazing news? Now the users would be able to customize their photos with greater productivity by using these photo editing tools. These tools would allow the users to maximize their creativity with their photos.
These photo editing tools would allow the user to make several adjustment in their photos. These adjustments could be made in several aspects of the photos. You would be able to adjust the contrast, warmth, saturation and brightness of the photos with the help of these photo editing tools on Instagram. One amazing tool is sharpening tool. It would help the user in sharpening and making the photo crystal clear with its potential. This would allow you to have a clearer version of the photos.
Now, you can make use of these photo editing tools after taking the photos. The photographers can easily make use of these Instagram photo editing tools. They would just have to tap the wrench to get an easy access to the tools of editing. When you would double tap the icon of the filter, you would be able to adjust how much filter can be applied on a single photo. If you want to get more information about the uses and benefits of these photo editing tools, then you can visit the website of Instagram.
The update of the version of Instagram does not only include the update of photo editing tools. It would further allow you to upload your photos easily. You would also be able to share these videos on other social media platforms too. The process of upload and share would become much easier with this photo sharing social media platform.
Instagram has been designed for the users of iPod and iPhone. The users of these devices can easily download the latest version of Instagram from the App store. The application is available for free.
Before the release of this new update, the 5.0 version of Instagram was released in last year. The major feature of this app version was Instagram Direct. This feature allowed the users to share their messages, photos and videos with some selected groups on the web.
The updated version of Instagram is perfect. The photo editing tools are surely going to enhance your creativity as you would be able to add special touch in your photos right according to your needs.

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