30 July 2014
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Interesting Facts Regarding Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a new but the most quickly developing social media network being used in the world. The time taken by Twitter to attract 1 million users was much higher as compared with the time taken by Instagram for attaining the same visitor attraction. This means that Instagram is developing in quite a fast way as compared with other social media sites.
As the popularity of Instagram is increasing day by day, more and more people are entering into the circle of Instagram. More people are creating their profiles on it and sharing their photos on the web with their friends. It is an interesting fact that the number of users who are currently using Instagram has reached to about 200 million. Around 20 billion photos are uploaded daily on it. Instagram is indeed becoming one of the largest and a perfect marketing tool for businesses and brands all over the world.
Here are some very interesting facts regarding the use of Instagram. Some of these facts are surely going to surprise you. Check them out!
• It has been researched out that the most popular and fortunate day for the brands for posting on the Instagram is Thursday. Nearly 500 business brands find it fortunate to post their photos on Thursdays.
• Out of 500 fortune brands, only 25% are using Instagram, which is quite small number.
• Instagram receives most of its traffic on the occasion of Thanksgiving. This is the time when most of the people are free and they go out with their families for outings. They post maximum of their photos around the event of Thanksgiving.
• It is another interesting fact that 98% of the photos which are shared on Instagram are also shared on the major social media network i.e. Facebook. People usually like their Facebook friends to see their edited and filtered photos which can be easily shared via Instagram.
• The users of Instagram share about 60 million photos with their friends in a day. The social media network allows the users to easily share their maximum photos in a day.
• The Instagram photos which have faces in them get greater amount of comments as compared with the photos which do not have faces in them. The rate of increment is about 35%.
• The photos on Instagram which have blue colour as dominant get greater amounts of likes as compared with that of the photos which have orange and red dominant colours. The percentage of likes received by blue dominant photos is around 24% greater than the later.
• The top market brands post around one photo in a single week on average.
• 71% of the top most brands of the world are using Instagram for sharing their photos.
These are some amazing facts and figures regarding the use of Instagram. The information has been provided to you with deep research and analysis.

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