22 July 2014
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How to keep Facebook fans engaged?

Engagement of your Facebook fans require sufficient amount of time and top notch content to be shared. This does not mean that you have to invest a lot on Facebook Ads. Facebook would surely love that but that is not what’s actually required. You can create your fan base on Facebook by running ads for some time. However, after earning significant amount of likes, you need to make sure that your audience is engaged in your product.
When a fan gets engaged with your post, this activity is displayed on their news feed and their friends could see that too. You would want the users to remain highly engaged with your Facebook page. Relevancy of the audience, time, content and frequency of posting play their role at this stage.
You must allocate certain time period which must be dedicated to the Facebook marketing. It depends on the location of your audiences and the kind of business you do. For example, if the niche market of your product targets employees of office, then the best time for an update would be evening or morning when they would have enough time to browse on their mobile devices. On the other hand, if you want to target housewives, then the best time would be late afternoon or late morning. You need to choose the right time.
These days, visuals are being preferred over digital content. Infographics are considered better than texts these days. It is a known fact that a photo or a video would beat the text always. If you are only left with the option of posting your update in the form of a text, then post it. If you have options, then prefer visuals over it.
The frequency of your post contains a lot of value. Do not post too often as it would annoy your audiences. If you post too less, this would lose the engagement of audiences. Therefore, it is recommended that you post once or twice in a single day on the basis of the kind of product you are selling.
Relevancy of audience
The value of content itself is second to none. If you are selling video games, then your content must contain relevant terms in it. Do not try to go far away from the topic of your niche. This would not enhance the interest of the audiences and you would certainly get some unlikes too.
You can keep your audiences engaged in the following ways:
• Email signature: It must contain your name, telephone, URL, address, position, fax number etc.
• Business card: You can also add the website URL on your business card too.
• References: Add the link to your Facebook page to your biography.
By following the aforementioned strategies, you would certainly generate excellent results of internet marketing for your online business. They are definitely going to assist you inengaging your potential customers.

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