5 November 2014
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How to make Conferences Better with Twitter?

In case you are attending any conference for your work, then you want to plan it on networking, learning and socializing in the field. You might take your laptop along. However, what about your presence on social media? Twitter can be utilized for conferences in order to let you connect with the attendees, review the speakers and share notes. There are some panels which can use Twitter for encouraging live questions and answer sessions between attendees, general public and the penalists.

Using Twitter for conferences

The companies create certain hashtags for the promotion and planning of their events. These hashtags are then utilized by the attendees in order to converse with the others. Attendees use the handles for communicating with the workers too. When you create a new hashtag and a handle for a new event, this would allow you to be searchable as soon as possible as you would become a trending topic on Twitter. It would help you in widening you audiences as well.
The Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference is an organization quick for the recognition of Twitter. This event is arranged every year and it welcomes all the writers to US. This year, a Tweet wall was included in the annual conference. Attendees were encourages for making use of the conference hashtags and selected tweets got displayed on the news feed. AWP also created a TweetSheet, which was used for the conference with the instructions regarding the best use of Twitter.
Tweet Seats is another app which has been introduced by Twitter. it saved all the users on first come first save basis and they were provided seats in the first row of the panels. It also allowed the mavens of social media to quote and take photos of the panellists too. As people were tweeting live right from the panels they were sitting in, other attendees of the conference got benefits from the shared notes of the event they were not even attending. In the same way, the people who couldn’t follow the hashtag of the event were also provided with these shared notes.
Besides arranging conferences, you can also make use of Twitter for organizing variant meetups. Tweetvite is a tool with the help of which people can easily arrange and find a local tweetup. This is done in order to increase the attendance on these conferences.
So, if you have registered for a conference, then you need to create hashtags and conference handles which can be used by you and other attendees in order to get the best information from the conference. You need to follow these hashtags as early as possible and then create a conference specific list on Twitter regarding all the handles which are currently being used in discussing the ongoing event. You can also favourite the tweets of your events which are associated with the conference. This way, when you plan the schedule, you can get an easy access to the opportunities which are available by checking the favourites.

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