7 July 2014
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The migration of Instagram to Facebook

In the last spring, according to a dataset it was revealed that as many as 200 million are using Instagram on their Smartphones worldwide. Instagram was developed by a team of tech engineers in the Amazon cloud computing service in 2010. Facebook bought it later in 2012. However Instagram founder Mike Krieger said that the Instagram users are still on the same vehicle on which they began their journey, but we have swapped out all the parts without them noticing even. Facebook called it as Instagration and it was a very distinctive move by Mark Zuckerberg the founder of facebook. Facebook has previously bought other properties like FriendFeed into its own data centers, but normally they used to be very trivial projects and involved the shutting down of old service before moving into facebook data centers. However the Instagram switch was a migration of a very popular and enormous operation.
George Cabrera who is an engineer in facebook stated that this switch cannot afford to have any disruption or delays. Facebook doesn’t told the exact number of virtual machines that were required to run Instagram on Amazon but it was somewhere in thousands. And now the Instagram currently stores some 20 billion digital images on its server. If looked from the Instagram point of view, we can see that this shift was due to a jump into wide and high range of computing tools that facebook owns, and has helped facebook in its huge online empire. The engineers who oversee Facebook’s worldwide network of its data centers; this was like a template for merging their operations with those types of applications that facebook may buy in near future. This instagration gives us one more lesson especially for the large tech community that as it is going to make more and more apps on the top of cloud computing services that includes Amazon as well, apps that are most probably going to migrate to some private data resource centers. The basic key to this exodus was a specialized Amzaon service commonly referred as Virtual Private Cloud.
In the April of 2013 that was after one year of purchasing Instagram by facebook for $1 billion, the vice president of facebook engineering jay parkish stated that facebook plans to move the photo sharing service of Instagram to its very own computing facilities, and this project will get started in some time. The migration of services almost took a year and although it was a very large undertaking, it was handled by only few engineers. There were eight engineers who overlook at the instagram’s infrastructure in the year 2013, but now they have increased to 20. Cabrera said that team mainly spent all the year in preparing for a month of data exodus.

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