11 July 2014
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11 July 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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Never Buy Facebook Likes

Buying facebook likes will get you nowhere. It will ruin your page as you won’t be having any engaged fans as the likes will be from fake accounts. Now this leaves you to buying facebook Ads, but again that requires a hefty amount of money that needs to be paid to facebook. If you don’t have that money either then what are the ways to generate high amount of real facebook likes. Let me tell you some of those amazing ways.
You should create write inspiring posts that entertain and attract people. When your fans are going to share your inspiring content, their friends are going to see it and come to your page. Your current fans liking your content and attracting their friends to become your fan, so what else do you require then? Now again a valid question is arose that how you create an inspiring and attracting topic. To answer this question I will tell you some ways that will make most of your facebook posts inspiring and eye catching for everyone.
You have to be really consistent to attract more and more users and to keep the page alive and active. You should at least publish one post daily so that you remain alive in the minds of your fans and they wait everyday for your daily post. If you see that you are getting great engagement and response from your fans the you can even increase the number of posts but don’t just start spamming and flooding your page with useless posts.
Right Timings
It is highly vital that the timing of your post should be correct. The best time to post differs for every business and type of product you are selling. For example, if you are selling some food, then posting late at night would not be a good idea. Post your daily menu and deals at peak meal times.
Stunning Images
As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so try to post some good, inspiring, colorful and eye catching pictures along your posts that are relevant to your brand or product. Remember images are the most shared items on facebook, so your fans will be more interested to share your images than your simple posts on their wall.
Simple and Short
You should keep your posts short and simple and use simple and understandable language in them. A post ranging from 100 to 150 characters normally gets more likes comments and shares than a post that is longer than that.
Be relevant
You should be very relevant when you are posting on a social networking website. Your posted content should be relevant to your product or somehow related to it. You can though sometime post regarding some current news or information, but most of your posts should be pertaining to your brand or product. Using various apps, you can find out that what is trending on that day and what most people are searching for. Then you can post some inspiring stuff related to that.

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