27 July 2014
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27 July 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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New Scam Warning out verification of Facebook pages

Facebook has been attacked by a new scam which is warning out regarding verification of Facebook pages. This scam comprises of set up of an account named as Verified Page. It actually asks for the users having official pages on social media websites to verify their sites. Although the idea of page verification is legal, yet this process must only be completed through original and official websites.
It is not a new scam; however, it is affecting businesses that have followed it. The scam contains another account named as Facebook Security Page. The nature of this page is similar to that of the other. The other accounts which are included in the scam include Page Verifier and Page Verified. The holders of these accounts fully take over the page and can easily use it for their personal usage. These pages are not given back to the real page owners and there is no way they could get these pages back.
The last company which fell into this scam was Freshome. The people who were responsible for running the social media page of the company agreed to verify the Verified Page and believed that Facebook is not legally asking for page verification. It was reported later that the company has lost its social media page and will restart it again. The page had millions of fans. It is also reported that the page has been deleted completely. When they try to reach to their page, they only get to the main page of the social media. The company has not received the page back yet.
Freshome believes that other online businesses need to be reported about it. They must be warned of this verification scam. It also seems that many people have been receiving such messages. The help pages are usually filled with queries regarding these messages, which ask for the approval of their page.
The scammer of Freshome has now changed his mind. Now, the scammer has sent a message to the company and has stated that he wants to give the page back to the company as he has realized that this page was the only business of the company. The incident was followed up by statements like scammers do not hurt the companies which work really hard. This is indicated to be another scam for other scammers working on the web.
There is a proper way of Facebook page verification. However, not much information is provided regarding it. The verification is done for clearing if someone is really who they show they are. It is usually utilized for government and celebrities. Many people create fan pages and pretend that they are original celebrities. When pages will be verified, they will have a blue circle along with a tick which indicated that it has been checked out by social media site.
It is really important that you watch out for hackers and scammers when using social media websites as they could attack you at any time.

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