6 September 2014
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6 September 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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The Offer of Twitter Ads

The advertisement on Twitter is not like that of any newspaper advertisement. When you purchase an ad of newspaper, you are purchasing a piece of paper that may be or may not be read by the people. However, when you purchase a Twitter advertisement via Twitter Ads, you are actually making your space in the timelines of other people. You can choose the people for advertisement too. You can choose the people whom you would want to see the ads.
This feature was first introduced in 2013 by Twitter. It allows the marketers to send the ads to the people who mention some specified keywords in their timelines.
There is another very amazing add-on feature for the serving customers. It helps you in un-checking the filter for the sentiments in order to win over the customers who are going through a bad experience. This is done at the time of targeting the keywords. For instance, if you own a coffee shop, then you can reach the people who are complaining about the bad lattes by introducing coupons with 15% discount in your next sale. This will definitely attract people towards you.

Ways of Buying Twitter Ads

Here are some ways which can help you in buying Twitter ads:
• You can select the tip of your account promotion if you want to buy ads. You will only have to pay if someone follows you. You do not have to pay the people without any reason. This way, you provide incentives to follow you on Twitter. This is one of the perfect ways which can help you in buying Twitter ads.
• You can also promote your Tweets for the purpose. By choosing this way of Tweet promotion, you can pay by visibility. You can also make payments on the basis of clicks as well. When it comes to the promotion of your tweets, you have to target the people by considering their interest in the niche market. You have to check whom they follow and what information has been added in their profile. In addition, you can also target the people with the help of keywords as well. You need to know what people are actually talking about on Twitter. This would help you in promoting your tweets in the most advantageous manner.
The best thing about purchasing Twitter ads is that you only have to pay when you get the required results. You can tell Twitter about the amount of money that you want to spend and Twitter is only going to use that up with the help of new clicks, replies, follows and retweets. It is a perfect way to test the copy as well.
No doubt, Twitter Ads is the best feature offered by Twitter to its users. People who used to purchase newspaper ads previously can now purchase twitter ads in order to get the best benefit out of the amazing features it render.

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