29 March 2014
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Is Partnering With YouTube Worth it?

Do you make videos? Do you have a YouTube channel? If you answered yes to either of those questions, or better yet, both of them, then you may want to consider applying to become a YouTube Partner. If your videos are getting a lot of views it is definitely something to think about. But is it really worth it?
When you are a YouTube partner, you get to put Google Adsense ads on your channel and videos and get to receive some of the money that YouTube gets for those advertisements. This is not monetization. Monetization pays more money, but requires you to have around 10,000 views, whereas you can start working with Google Adsense sooner, but only get paid if someone clicks on the advertisement.
What do you need to be a YouTube partner?
There isn’t an actual requirement(as mentioned above), but starting around the same area in which you would be able to monetize is probably wise. This means you’ll want to have around 10 videos uploaded with around 1000 views per video. You’re also going to want to have a LOT of subscribers, like say 500 with 100,000 channel views. If you have less than this then your channel might not be popular enough to really get the views needed to get clicks on the advertisements that you’ll be placing. YouTube doesn’t want to waste the effort on someone who isn’t popular enough to get at least 100,000 views. Again, you don’t have to have these things, but it is highly suggested if you want to be accepted. No one wants to waste time on either side, so let’s go over those things one more time.
10 videos with 1,000 views each
500 subscribers
100,000 channel views.
Those are some mighty high numbers to fill, and those are just the numbers. We haven’t even mentioned the content. First and foremost, you have to absolutely own all of the content in your videos, or have the right to use the content. No music that you haven’t composed, and no pictures that you haven’t created.

So is it really worth it?
Many of the people who partner with YouTube are making 6 figure sums every year, but these are people like Fred and Annoying Orange, with millions of subscribers and millions of views every day. They have been able to turn their videos into their career. These are the people who are able to make 6 figures at the end of the year.

Are you going to make 6 figures? Sorry, but probably not, however if you are creative and love making videos, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t try making some supplemental income with YouTube Partnership. If your videos are very popular then you really shouldn’t have too much of a problem becoming a YouTube Partner and working towards that 6 figure sum. Best of luck to you in reaching your goals.

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