5 July 2014
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Precautions Regarding Instagram

Instagram continues to be one of the most popular social networking sites amongst others due to the ease and flexibility it brings into the lives of others. Being launched initially on 6th October 2010, it is a photo and video sharing service which allows its users to take pictures and share them on other social media websites.
The site had reportedly over 100 million active users in April 2012 which simply signifies the popularity of the site. Moreover, its availability over the time for different operating systems has led to a significant rise in its users, thus, making its use more common than ever. As android has been getting widely accessible, so is Instagram and verily, the fame!
This now means that there is evolution in the way people have been sharing pictures with one another. As the group which is widely inflicted by the social media is largely the teens and youngsters, there arises a question that whether parents should be concerned about the growing usage and fame of Instagram or not!
It should start with having a knowhow of the website and knowing what areas need consideration. So, basically, what is Instagram and how it works? It is a photo sharing application which allows its users to upload photos either from the gallery of their device or by taking it right away and sharing. Instagram changes the way a picture appears, and makes it more attractive and appealing. The Instagram account can be synced with other social media forums and the photos can then be shared on other networks too, at the same time.

So, when it comes to sharing pictures, youngsters are the ones seen with a hype who are busy sharing every moment with their friends. They want to enjoy life and they see this act as a breather. However, parents need to ensure a few things about their kids in order to ensure their safety and the safety of the pictures they share.
The default privacy settings of the website are set on public and they need to be explicitly changed if the users want to protect their stuff. Contrary to this, they will be available for everyone. When these settings are set on private, the photos are available to be seen by only friends and followers, which the user approves.
Moreover, the feature of geotagging is allowed by Instagram which means that while sharing pictures, the location of the user can be shared which must also be taken care of. Though the default settings are set on off, they can be accidently be turned on and poses a huge threat to the privacy of the user.
In addition to this, parents should take care that their children do not sign up for accounts on social media websites before they reach the appropriate age. This is clearly evident from the terms and conditions of the website which do not allow a kid under 13 to sign up. This means that though Instagram is simple to use, it must be used rightly in order to take advantage of the core idea!

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