16 June 2014
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The Privacy Issues

Belonging to the modern world comes with a social pressure come necessity to stay in touch via the social media websites with your peers and family members. As such, the famous Facebook and its ilk are getting famous beyond levels that are hard to imagine. Also, the information can also be found on almost any topic and area of the world, ranging from shopping to discount deals to stock exchange news. This entails that everyone gets to enjoy free and instant access to hypes of information whether it relates to the known person, or whether the unknown.
Such access though has brought ease and simplicity into the lives of everyone out there, it has also put the privacy of the users into danger. With more and more features and the advancements in technology, the privacy that was once enjoyed now seemed a dream until the introduction of antisocial networking. It is a collection of apps which aims to provide you with more privacy over the technological advancement.
The idea behind the development of the antisocial networking is primarily privacy. Because many of the users of the social media do not feel secure sharing their personal information due to the vulnerability of the sites, the antisocial networking works by turning the social media against itself and provides you with alarming situations beforehand. For instance, if you have friends nearby, it would warn you so you can avoid coming into contact with them.
While some may see the new technology as a means of cheating partners or family members, its development has been intended for a greater use so you can avoid those people who have been irritating, teasing or harassing you.
While Facebook offers a variety of privacy settings, the settings are continuously changed by the admin which means that you are unaware of the change unless you reset them. This implies that when the settings are changed, they automatically apply to your future posts and unless you take account of the fact, you will have to face the adverse effects of the loose privacy settings. This further signals an increasing trend: social media has seen its boost and now moving towards its decline whereas the antisocial media is now seeing the boom.
While the settings that are offered on Facebook may appear to be sufficient, there are various softwares and technology that can break the privacy applied and access the seemingly private content. This is the prevailing reason as to why people have been feeling insecure regarding the sharing of private stuff including pictures.
Moreover, there are some things over Facebook which do not offer a privacy setting, for example cover photo. This has made the site prone to privacy invasions and if it wants to protect the charm it once spread, the administrators of the site must consider introducing some valid privacy settings which cannot be easily intruded by various softwares.
Privacy of anyone is a serious issue and must be protected. If Facebook fails to do so, the users it enjoys today will decline abruptly.

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