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Shazam has become one of the most widely used platforms for musicians around the world. If you want to build yourself as an artist on the Shazam platform, there are some things that you need to consider. When it comes to analytics and statistics, you will require certain things on your profile in order to jump off of the page and to be considered desirable in the eyes of record labels and your audience alike. Shazam plays are a very important role for your profile to be successful, especially, in the long haul. Having a good number of Shazam plays shows your audience that the tracks have a good quality of content which helps them make the decision of trying the track out for themselves as well. Having a good number of plays on your music attracts more listeners, and it creates a hype in the market about you, which is very essential for a musician if you are looking at it from a business and recognition point of view.


We use authentic profiles with bio and profile pictures of their own, to give you the number of plays that you request on one or more of your soundtracks on Shazam from us. We have different packages, and all of our services are completely customizable according to our clients’ needs. The plays that we will provide you will come from authentic, real uses, and they will increase gradually in a suspension-free manner. Please note that we do not require your login information and all of the information that is exchanged between us is kept private and safe and is never exchanged with a third party. The service comes with a 100% money back guarantee and a lifetime replacement warranty as well. All of our business processes are kept transparent and result oriented in nature, and after you put an order with us, you can just kick back and relax with the results starting to generate in a matter of hours only.


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