27 January 2015
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Promote your Blog Traffic through these Top Social Media

Blogging has become a lucrative business with the recent development of technology where businesses have been taken online. The growth of this sector has necessitated a lot of competition hence, the need for recognition and increment in the number of visitors through these top social media. It is one thing to blog; it’s another thing to pull regular and consistent visitors to your blog. Here are the top social media you can use to promote your blog:

  • Facebook. This social media belongs to the earliest and foremost media that attracted a lot of people. It has about the highest number of users and you can imagine how this great media can help boost your blog traffic as it attracts people from different places of the world. The most interesting thing is the fact that Facebook likes can bought to further enhance your online presence and relevance to your friends and family members.
  • Twitter. Here is another crowd pulling and result oriented social media where individuals are allowed to follow one another. Just imagine a blogger that has 20,000 or more followers. If all the followers do not visit his/her blog in a day, they surely will visit it regularly as long as he is in direct communication with them by sharing his/her recent post. It’s one of the social media where people want to show their love by following one another.
  • Instagram. This is another means of sharing one’s life, experiences, fun and business proposal with family members and friends. It is dependable, fast, reliable and a beautiful social media that you can use to promote your blog traffic. As a fast means, Instagram can get you a sizeable number of visitors on regular basis. Since it’s a sharing medium, a family member could easily share your blog post with another member and then to another.
  • Pinterest. Pinterest is another social media that you can use to promote and generate regular visitors to your blog by creating and sharing your recent post on regular basis with your friends and family members. It is a social media that encourages visual recovery tool which can be used to find ideas for personal projects and areas of interests. If you have an account with them, you can easily share some interesting and beautiful images from your blog which will in turn drive traffic to your blog.
  • Youtube. As a social media that creates and shares video, you can take advantage of this video sharing to educate viewers on some topics relating to your blog especially if it is a “how to” blog. There is no topic that a blogger cannot convert into video. The result of this is usually mind blowing as visitors will be coming to learn new things from your blog.

The birth of these top social media; facebook, twitter, Instagram, pinterest and youtube, has brought a lot of changes to the blogging sector and the bloggers at large. It has not only made blogging an enjoyable business but also, a rewarding one.

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