17 July 2014
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Pros & Cons of Twitter

There are many businessmen and brands that have created their presence on facebook but they hesitate to join twitter and make their profile over there. The main reason is that they are unaware of pros and cons of twitter, and whether joining twitter will be a reasonable decision or not. Twitter is different from other social media sites and users are using different codes such as @ and # which confuses the new users. Even then the 228 million active monthly users are quite interactive to interact with and you business can get a boost from those users too. Let me discuss some major pros and cons of creating an account and then using twitter.
Twitter is Large
Twitter has great active users who can be your potential customers or followers. Doesn’t matter even if you operate a small business, twitter is so big that you find related audience for that.
Tweet goes to followers
A major disadvantage of facebook is that your fans are not able to see all of your posts due to certain algorithms, but on twitter, until and unless you direct your tweet to someone, each and every follower of yours will see your each and every tweet.
Tweets are Easy
To write a simple tweet, it requires less than a minute till it appears to your followers. Some brands use large tweets as well but due to a character limit, you have to write it simple and effective.
Straight to the Point
Due to the limitation of 140 character limit, not only you but others also have to restrict their tweet straight to the point. In this way you will not read stupid and useless talks on twitter and everyone will be talking directly and cohesively.

Twitter is Busy
Twitter is a site that generates about 340 million tweeds on daily basis and most of the users are following hundreds and sometimes thousands of users. If you are going to tweet only once a day then your tweet will go buried and most probably won’t be easily visible to your followers.
Not Ideal for Visuals
Twitter is a platform majorly for text based content. If you are a person who shares a lot of pictures and videos than maybe twitter is not for you.
Not everyone can do advertising
You are supposed to get yourself approved from twitter before you start promoted tweets and profiles as twitter does not allow everyone to do promoted tweets. However twitter opened up advertising for its US based users in April of 2013, but is still restricted for users from other countries.
Limitation of Characters
Now where this limitation is a benefit of twitter, on the other hand it is also a disadvantage. As sometimes it’s get harder to express whole feelings and thoughts in just few words and sentences. Sometimes one requires more space to express his/her sentiments correctly.
These were the major pros and cons of using twitter. You can no suit youself.

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