26 October 2014
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26 October 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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Reasons why Instagram changed its policies

There has been a lot of discussion on social media regarding Instagram- the best photo sharing application. Here’s what exactly is going on the web:
Instagram is the best photo-sharing service which was purchased by Facebook this year. The website changed its policies a few months back and had to face a lot of outrage by other social media sites. There were many issues in the user agreement of Instagram and people claimed that Instagram might use the photos which are shared by the users in ads.
What could be the reason? Money of course!
Users do not realize the fact that Instagram is not involved in producing any money. Instagram does not depend on the ads present within the applications for increasing the user experience. The company which created Instagram made only 0.00$ and earned millions of users within a very short time period. This makes a lot of sense as the application does not have ads and it does not contain promoted links within the applications.
Facebook purchased the company in September, last year. The deal was worth $1 billion when the announcement was made in April. The deal fell to around $740 million by the time it got completed becuase of the falling price of Facebook’s stocks. There was a loss of about 300 million.
There is not significant change in the terms and conditions of Instagram service. These terms and conditions were posted in the last year and they started working in effect from 16th January.
The services have a right to utilize the shared photos in any matter that it likes. However, the ownership of the photos is kept by the photographers.
This created a lot of havoc on social media as there were many users who started worrying about their privacy issues.
The change was announced by Instagram in a blog post however the intentions were not being explained in a detailed way. The terms which were updated suggested that Facebook wants to integrate the use of Instagram in the ad serving system. This will help it in promoting the item by explaining the users that their friends actually liked it. This system is quite the same to the current ad serving system of Facebook. The new and updates terms and conditions say that Instagram is going to use your photos in their marketing strategies.
However, it was announced by Instagram that the news was being miscommunicated. They just wanted to perform experiments on variant forms of advertisements and they had nothing else to do with the photos of Instagram users.
Most of the Instagram users are upset because of the update. The people are moving towards other photo sharing platforms like Flickr for sharing and posting their photos. Users cannot take the risk of sharing their photo on a platform which can use these photos for marketing purposes. People have started showing a confined behaviour towards Instagram.

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