25 March 2014
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25 March 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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Reasons Why Instagram is Worth Your Time

Many people may consider Instagram to be a waste of time. I mean really, a social media that only posts pictures? What’s the use in that, right? Wrong! After all, a picture is worth a thousand words! Instagram is a delightfully simple way for you to express what is going on in your life or your company through vibrant pictures rather than words. Pictures are attention grabbers and once you have their attention they may look into other aspects of your social media. Here are several reasons why Instagram is worth your time as a business person.
Showcase your products or services.
You can easily display your products and/or services on Instagram with colorful pictures in either a very professional shot or unusual settings. Be creative and have fun! People appreciate creativity, and if you make people laugh, you’re golden. Nothing makes a person more likely to want to follow you than if you can make them laugh.
Give insight into your business
No one likes to work with a company that is faceless. Give your company a face. Show your customers the behind the scenes moments. Did you goof off during lunch? Take a picture and post it on Instagram. Pie eating contest at the company picnic? Instagram. Make yourself more relatable and approachable. Make your customers more comfortable with you.
Promote your business
Like many forms of social media, Instagram requires hashtags in order for you to really obtain an audience. Make sure that you are using the right ones. Keep them simple and to the point. Choose high search words. Make sure your hashtags are always relevant to your company, products, or services. With the right hashtags you can gain a lot of followers.
Connect with your followers.
Though some people claim to hate it, most people (especially Instagrammers) love to have their picture taken. Once you have a following, why not have them send in photos of themselves using your products or services. It will help people better connect to your business when they see people who are like them, and it will give you more credibility. It can be a lot of fun. You could even hold something like a contest for the best picture with your product.
Get creative and be yourself!
Don’t be afraid to show your personality. Fun and creative pictures go a long way online and will help to gain more followers. Add funny or witty captions to the photos you post. Let yourself shine. You want your followers to connect with you and see you as not just a company but as human beings.
Sure Instagram is just one more social media that you have to worry about and keep up to date on, but believe me when I say that it’s worth it. Pictures are a wonderful way to communicate and maintain people’s interest. Instagram is, in fact, worth your time.

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