Refer A Friend Program

At BuyMoreLikes we understand everyone is taking about us to friends, family and so much more! It's been requested by countless amounts of people for us to add a reward program for friends you refer. Well here it is! The BuyMoreLikes "Refer a friend" program. We understand it might be hard to understand how it all works, so see below for some FAQ's related to our program.

What is "Refer a friend"?
Refer a friend is our way to thank you for sharing our website with your friends and family. Everytime you refer someone you get a 10% discount.
How do I refer someone?
It really is that simple to get started. Jump over to and follow the on screen prompts.
How can I join the program?
If you are a member of BuyMoreLikes then you are already linked into our program! Get started today by visiting
Do the 10% coupon expire?
No. The coupons never expire!
What is the value of referring someone?
Currently it's a 10% coupon code for you to use on our website for any products. However we have plans to change the program. More information will come at a later date.
Is there a limit how many coupons I can gather?
No! Every member can earn unlimited coupons from referring.
Can I transfer my Coupon to another person?
Unfortunately they are not directly transferable.
What happens to my Coupon if I have an item refunded?
If an item is refunded within 14 days of referring the customer, the coupon you earned will be cancelled.
reward program
reward program