2 March 2014
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2 March 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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Rules of Success on Twitter

Twitter is the hottest social media network which seems to be used by almost everyone these days unless you are living under a rock. It is always on the minds of millions of people every day. Different kinds of people use Twitter. They use twitter for a particular reason i.e. they want people to know them and connect with them.
There are certain rules which need to be followed when it comes to twitter usage. These rules which could result success on Twitter are explained as under:
1. There is a rule that you have to be visible on Twitter. It is important for you to spend considerable time on Twitter and get to know more of people. You have to consider factors like the number of people to follow, the number of people who follow you, the amount of replies you make etc are considered significant. You have to be seen and heard on Twitter if you want to achieve success.
2. The first thing which is checked out the people for following you is your profile. Therefore, it is very important that you have a very powerful profile. It must be such that it makes people curious about what you do and what you sell. The strength of your Twitter profile depends about what is done by your profile. Answer all the relevant questions and then create a very strong profile on Twitter.
3. You must use your Twitter account to increase the number of followers. You cannot use it as an email account. Always use it to share your message and get followers in exchange of followers. Everything that happens with your business, you must promote it and message it on Twitter. Try to get your messages out and let them be seen by the people. If you would not let yourself be heard, there would not be any benefit regarding creation of an account on Twitter. Be thankful to the people who share their tweets with you. Make sure that more people see and hear you. This would make you distinctive than other people.
4. You must access to people for becoming their business partner. With the help of twitter, you can get an access to huge amount of audiences. There are a lot of people with whom you can meet and follow and get information from. Twitter is equipped with a lot of people to connect with.
5. Direct messages are the best tools for twitter system. The direct message tool in the sidebar contains a list of people who think about you and talk about you and connect with you too. Always try paying maximum attention to the Twitter messages. Thank them for their replies and let them know that you appreciate their replies. Also, reply to all the messages in order to create a good reputation.
You need to establish relationships with the followers for enhancing your presence on Twitter. This would surely result in success for your business.

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