22 May 2014
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Short introduction into (Instagram)

(Instagram) is an online social networking service. It helps users to take their photos or videos, filter them digitally, and share them on different networking services, like Twitter, Facebook Flickr or Tumblr. It shapes pictures into a square shape, indifference to usual 4:3 mobile cameras ratio. Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom created it in 2010. Its popularity was rising rapidly. It started as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch application, but it continued to spread on other devices. Today over 200 million of people used it. Considering all this, no wonder Facebook bought it in 2012.
(Instagram): the good
Since (Instagram) mostly works with pictures, and it has some great tools, it can help a lot to improve someone´s photographing abilities. When you upload a picture, people will comment it, and you learn a lot from that. When you upload it, it will automatically be posted on your Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr account. You will now about your friend’s important dates and announcements. If there is some photo you do not want to publish, you can still edit it with (Instagram), and keep it in your phone or tablet. (Instagram) is also a great business tool. If you know what to do, you can attract many customers to your business using Instagram applications.

(Instagram): the bad
As most of today´s social networks, anyone can sign. All you need is a valid email address and no one ask you how old are you. That leaves much space for possible abuse. Second, if you do not set up your privacy settings, anyone can see your photos. Also make sure you do not allow geotagging (automatic display of date and place where photo was uploaded). Most of bad sides of (Instagram) are connected to different abuses. First of all, it is highly suggestible not to reveal too much personal data. You never know who is reading it. You must be aware many people will look at your pictures, and all of them are not goodwill. Anyone can upload your image, and that is also the potential problem. Make sure images you publish are those you might show to your grandparents without hesitation. Many (Instagram) followers are teenage girls, and they are very vulnerable group. If they do not have built self-esteem, comments on their images can be devastating. Finally, it is ok to use (Instagram) in a reasonable amount, but if you take pictures of your everyday meal, or clouds, or cars passing down the street all the time; you are in trouble. Addiction is never good, no matter what are you addicted to.

Latest trends on (Instagram)
You can publish your photos on (Instagram), but on other popular social networks, as well. This way you will increase your popularity. You can also use hashtags to reach more people looking for certain picture types. For example, if you take a picture of a sunset, use #sunset, #sun, #nature, #beautiful and descriptions like this. More hashtags, more chances for people to see you. Photo filters are the great thing to experiment with. They can turn your ordinary photo into peace of art. And finally, take selfies. Everyone else does, so there is no reason you should not. If you do this thing, and take some simple precaution, there is no reason you should not enjoy (Instagram).

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