25 March 2018
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Social media-An aid to the E-commerce

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E-commerce is the name of buying and selling through online sources. E-commerce is the group of the activities which are related to the technologies including smartphone commerce, E-funds, Supply chain management (SCM), online marketing, electronic data interchange, and auto-data collection. In the recent time, social media is used as a marketing tool up to a viable fraction as companies spend 9% of their budget on it according to the survey. Social media has a great relationship with the E-commerce in many ways which will be discussed in the article.

Social Media and E-commerce

The latest E-commerce basically utilizes the internet for the transactions but it may also use email services as well for this purpose. These transactions may include the purchase of following items from online stores:-

  • Online books
  • Music Purchases
  • Products of different types
  • Food items and almost everything

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It is the fact that the online marketers have found the viability of the social media in order to build a strong relationship with the customers. Social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram have revolutionized the modern world with their excessive usage. They are providing aid to the online businesses to sell their products at huge pace by targeting the desired customers very quickly and in a lower budget as well.

I will tell you about the ways in which social media is playing an important role in enhancing the online marketing activities with good results.

Social media as a customer place

Social media is the most used platform for the millions of people and any business want the huge gatherings in order to improve the probability of the selling products. A good link with such abundant audiences and viewers is a charm for any company to build long-term relations in an easier way. Hence, it can be said that the it is an influencing factor for the online businesses.

Social Media as an advertisement place

Image source: https://www.volusion.com/blog/facebook-for-ecommerce-best-practices-for-facebook-posts-and-advertising/

E-commerce is highly dependent on the advertisement of the brand. Social media is the platform where any online store can advertise its product at a very little cost. These paid ads help the company to reach as much people as it can and as much as it want. So, it is a best place for the advertisement of the products and future prospects of any company. Moreover, people of the modern age often search almost everything on the social media, so a successful brand must have the interesting content for the customers to engage them properly. The most important thing is that many successful businesses have their strong reputation on the social media which shows that they are keen to utilize it properly.

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