17 March 2014
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17 March 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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Why Stores Should Advertise on Youtube

A campaign was done for a client to encourage people to view an app that could be found on iTunes. This was done by driving views to a video. At the end of the campaign, which entailed 1.6mm views there were 300,000 visits and 119,000 downloads! That’s an astronomical number. This is just one example of a way that Youtube advertising is extremely effective. You may think that this is only for online digital stuff, like iTunes, but you may be surprised. Google did a study to clarify just how effective online advertising is for normal apparel brands. Their findings may surprise you.
According to Google, 28% of consumers who watch videos online spent over $500 on apparel in the past 6 months. Only 2% of consumers who did not regularly watch online videos purchased this much. Furthermore, people are about 34% more likely to view a product online or in person after viewing an advertisement in the form of an online video. Compared to the 16% of TV viewers who do this, you more than double your chance of success!
No one is completely sure why people prefer online advertisements to television ads, but for some reason it works. It could be that when people view online videos people immediately jump onto the brand’s website to buy the item. It also could be that you are likely to see the advertisement about a dozen times while you’re browsing through Youtube videos. It could also be that the internet is just “cooler” than television. The glamour of TV has long since worn off. When people see an item advertised on their computer something in their subconscious whispers, “Hey, that’s cool!”
Making sure your advertisement is played with the right videos is also important. Very few people watching a video about hunting are going to want to see an advertisement for Sephora make-up. Likewise, fewer people watching make-up tutorials want to see advertisements about guns and beer. Making sure your advertisements reach your target audience, or it’s all just a waste of time and money.
If all of this doesn’t convince you, you should know that Youtube is the number 4 online destination in the nation, and the number 2 search engine (Google is number one)! That’s huge! And it means that if Youtube is the number 4 destination, your advertisement will be the number 4 viewed item compared to sites that choose to advertise elsewhere.
So should we just cut out television advertising? No way! As long as people are still watching TV the advertising business is still going to go there, but the fact is that people are often online more than they are watching TV and often when they are browsing sites like Youtube, the advertisers have a captive audience with which they can show their advertisements and hook you into a curious glance at their website.

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