23 July 2014
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Strategies of Marketing Books on Facebook

Facebook has succeeded in earning a dominant name on the web over the last decade. Everyone including teens and oldies are using it for sharing recent updates and photos on this social media network. In addition to this, Facebook is also considered a perfect place for people who are trying to sell something, just like authors. They can easily connect with their fans and create new supports for boosting up their sales via Facebook.
Here are some strategies which are used by authors to enhance their book sales on Facebook:
Share the Story
You can create an author fan page on Facebook from your own account. This will help you in keeping your literary world aside from the regular profile of Facebook. This is the foremost step which is needed to assist you as a writer.
Your book page must incorporate your biographical information like the items you published your background and the site where your book could be easily found. It must also include the upcoming events of your new book.
The authors can build up their connection with their fans by sharing their journey of writing. They can also share the background of the book and can add personal significance of the book. When they share their history and stories with the fans, it helps in building up an emotional connection with the audiences.
Active Content
Just creating a Facebook page won’t work. You would have to stay committed to it by remaining active and constantly sharing useful content with your fans. The more you post, the more will be your visibility on the web. If you post for just once or twice in a month, people would not visit your page much. For attaining a strong presence, you must post on regular basis. Being an author, you can enhance the opportunities of conversation by staying active. You would be able to reach potential readers.
Growing Connections
You can also build connections with your fans by crowdsouring your requirements. This action would include your community too. For instance, you can post possible covers of your upcoming books and ask your fans regarding suggestions on the colors and style. This is a perfect and very engaging way of crowdsourcing a feedback and gaining an ownership of a group or community. If they would get a chance to be heard, they will definitely show potential to purchase your book.
Generation of Leads and Conversions
You would certainly want your fans to get excited about your upcoming projects. You can offer various opportunities to your fans for enhancing their interest in the upcoming book. For instance, you can allow potential readers to read a chapter of your book before it gets published. You can also provide them with a chance to win a signed copy of your book. This will definitely increase their interest in your upcoming books and projects.

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