10 September 2014
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Tips for Job Search on Facebook

If you are an active user of Facebook and you are really concerned about the employers and others, then you have to change the privacy settings of Facebook. If you see that your personal information is at risk, you have to change the safety settings in order to let your friends see the profile only. This article contains useful information which can help you in changing the privacy settings of your Facebook account.

Changing Facebook Settings

• Login to your Facebook account.
• Click on the option of Account Pull Down Menu.
• Now click on the privacy settings of your Facebook account.
Facebook privacy settings allow you to change the settings for your search, profile, mini feed, news feed, friend requests, pokes, messages, notes, friends and Facebook Development Platform.
If you want that your posts, photos and videos must be seen by your friends only, then you can choose the option of “only friends”. However, you can customize the settings of privacy as well. If you want certain people not to see your posts and images, then you can choose the option of “customized settings” too. You will see a popup window on your screen which would allow you to add the names of those people whom you want to restrict from seeing your Facebook posts. Similarly, you are provided with the option of adding the names of people whom you want to see your posts.
Similarly, you can only choose the option of “only me” too. This way, your content will only be seen by you only. No other person in your Facebook profile can see your posts becuase of the privacy settings that you have chosen.
In order to change the privacy settings of your Facebook account, choose the desired tab and then utilize the drop down menu for changing who is allowed and who is not allowed to see specific aspect of the profile.
These are the options which are included in Facebook privacy settings:
• All my networks and all the friends on Facebook
• Only friends
• Some of the chosen friends of network and all of the friends.
You can choose desirable settings according to your needs. The most recommended thing is that you must not add people whom you do not know in your Facebook profile. This way, you will be able to prevent unwanted people from liking your posts and photos. By choosing the privacy settings and options mentioned above in the article, you can set who can see the information of profile including posts, contact information, groups, status updates, photos and online statuses.
You are also provided with the option of choosing if you want your profile to be seen in the search engines or not. For that, you have to elect the privacy settings on the home page. Select the option of search. In order to disable the feature of search engine, uncheck the box.

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