15 August 2014
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15 August 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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The Top 10 Facebook Scams of 2014

Are you interested in knowing that how many people visited your profile of facebook this month, or you want a notification when a friend deletes you? Or you might want facebook in red as blue is boring. Of course many people are interested in these features and want them. That is the reason I am listing top 10 scams of facebook that you should not be trapped into.
This list was released by Bitdefender which is a digital security company and shared this list on The Guardian. Bitdefender stated that by clicking on these links, facebook users are transferred to external websites which installs dangerous malicious programs on the computers of users and causes other dangers too. These programs are mostly viruses and can really damage the system of users and can also hijack some private data. You should ensure that you never fall prey to these hijackers and stay safe while browsing.
1. Total Profile Visitors
The scam is about some app or software that will allow to see how many visitors were there on your facebook profile and who is visiting your facebook profile. This function is not available at all.
2. Changing Facebook Color
This scam involves changing the color pattern of facebook profile which is not possible.
3. Rihanna Sex Tape
Brothers! There is no sex tape of Rihanna nor there is some kind of DVD of Rihanna sex with his boyfriend.
4. Check Status Update to Win Facebook Shirt for Free
Unfortunately the free T shirts are always but you are not getting one definitely by clicking on these links on facebook.
5. Say Goodbye to Blue Facebook
That is the again the same scam, but you can’t change it and you should understand this.
6. Unsealed. We are giving them for Free
You should be aware of all types of scams that offer free iphones or any other electronic equipment on facebook.
7. Check if a Facebook Friend has deleted you
These are some kind of websites or extensions that tell you that they will track down those losers. But you should always avoid clicking on these links and instead go take a look of your friends by yourself.
8. See Your Top 10 Profile Peekers
Again the same scams of letting people know about those who peek in their profiles.
9. Find out how to Know Who Visited your Profile
The same scam again and again.
10. I Just Changed my Facebook Theme
I am unable to understand why people hate the facebook’s blue color so much after all. Bitdefender has done a very good job by publishing these common scams and harmful links to the general users of facebook. This company is also in process of generating its own facebook app that is going to alert you of these type of scams in real time. By the help of that app, you don’t have to wait for another year to attain the knowledge of future scams.

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