17 August 2014
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Top Strategies for Attracting Facebook Likes

Nowadays internet is floated with articles and blogs about how one can buy cheap facebook likes. Many sites advertise themselves for buying of thousands of likes for hundreds of dollars. But let me tell you few ways, that if you adopt them, you won’t be in need of spending a single dime. Here are some of mine experimented and successful tips for achieving growth in facebook like.
1. Organizing Contests
There are plethora of brands which run exciting contests among their users and in result achieves great popularity and in return award prizes of some kind. If you’re a newbie in running contests then let me tell you that make sure that the contest you are about to run follows facebook’s promotion guidelines. Secondly, do include a facebook app in your contest, as it allows a greater fan gate, because then only those users who have likes your page can participate in the contest.
Apps also give you an unique URL, by which you will be able to promote your contest by just pasting the link of URL at any blog or website. You should also be sure about that the app you are using for contest, is also working fine for the mobile phone user, and content of the contest should be attractive and easy and if possible make it funny.
2. Social Interaction with other Blogs
I assume that you might not know that you can engage with many different companies Facebook’s pages as your business page. It is a great step that can build awareness among particular type of persons interested in some specific good or service. You can do this by going on Edit Page option, and select “Use Facebook as YourPage.”
It is not hard to find likeminded companies and interaction with them is easy too. You can also use graphic search for that matter. Engagement of other company with your page will bring whopping amount of likes to your page.
3. Engaging and Useful Content Posting
It is very vital that the content you post on facebook has entertaining and engaging stuff and you should be posting that type of stuff on regular basis. If the content is worth reading, then your friends will also share your posts with their friends and in this way thousands of new people will get aware about your page in no time. For that it is also important that you must remain in touch with the current affairs and hot issues in the world politics and sports.
4. Active Participation
Now that you know that you are supposed to post engaging and interesting stuff on your page, the question now arises that in what number? It does not have a magic number, but the best and successful way is post at least once a day. You can also post one status, one picture upload and share too. If you are not going to be active, most probably users will forget that they have even liked your page on facebook.

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