28 March 2014
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28 March 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
28 March 2014, Comments: Comments Off on What NOT to Upload to YouTube

What NOT to Upload to YouTube

It is always important to put your best foot forward in everything you do. After all, you don’t want to be mediocre, you want to be awesome! Being mediocre leads to a life of boring habits that don’t mean anything. The same is true when it comes to marketing on YouTube. There are all kinds of videos that you can upload, but you want to post the right ones. You want your viewers to get real information from you that could change the way they live their lives, or at least the way they think about life. Putting up many videos, but videos that are mediocre junk won’t lead to success. You are likely to get bad reviews and have very few followers.

There are a few kinds of videos that you really don’t want to create. Seriously, just say no to these videos no matter how tempting they may be to create, you really don’t want to do it.
Talking Articles
Talking article videos are the kinds of videos in which you have text and voice over in the background. Believe it or not, these kinds of videos are against YouTube’s Terms of Service. These kinds of videos will end up getting banned, and once you’re banned there is little to no hope for your account. It’s doomed to YouTube hell.
There are several services that claim they will turn your article into a video that you may then post where ever you choose, but don’t believe them! Yes, they will turn your article into a video, but this video is usually of terrible quality. The voice is that of a robot, and the quality over all is awful. When someone views this video they will assume your other videos are the same and this will just kill your chances of marketing on YouTube.
Videos that aren’t yours.
Look at the following sentence, and read it carefully. NEVER POST A VIDEO THAT YOU DON’T OWN! Just don’t do it. You may be thinking, well, everyone else does it. YouTube isn’t stupid. They know when you’ve committed a copyright infringement. Sometimes people get away with it for one reason or another, but chances are you will be found out and your account will be punished for it.
You will be temporarily or permanently banned from the site. And as mentioned before, once you’re banned, it’s all over for your account. Yes, you can make a new account. However, it must be under a new email account. And don’t try to be clever and sign up with a new email and change it to your old one, because guess what, YouTube is darn smart and they will ban your new account as soon as they see that email.
So not only do you have to have a new email, but you also have lost everything you’ve ever done on your old account. Any videos, all the followers you’ve gained, they’re all gone and you have to start over from square one. Just don’t post these kinds of videos.

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