8 August 2014
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The use of cookies by Twitter

Twitter makes use of cookies and several other similar technologies for helping the visitors in getting faster and a safer user experience. This article contains explanation regarding how Twitter uses these cookies and technologies for providing the users with a safe experience. The use of these technologies helps you in logging into your Twitter account and saving your preferences. They also allow you to personalize the content present in the account and help them in protecting themselves against the spam. They also help in showing the most relevant ads to the viewers.
What are cookies?
Cookies are actually small flies which are placed on your computer by the websites when you browse through the internet. Twitter uses these cookies for discovering how people use the services. The company also uses them for ensuring a safe working experience to the user.
On the other hand, pixel is a code which is present on the web page or they are also found on the notification of email as well. The pixels are used for learning whether you have made your interaction with the certain website or not. This helps the users in getting improved services and they are able to enjoy their experience on Twitter.
Why Twitter uses it?
Twitter uses these technologies for delivering and measuring the services in variant ways. They are able to know when the visitor has logged into the Twitter account. They help in providing you with a safe use of internet. They also use cookies for helping in the detection of spam and other unauthorized activities on the web.
They further help Twitter in remembering the information regarding the browser you use. They also help Twitter in finding out your preferences to a great extent. In addition, Twitter also lets people have an improved experience. They let Twitter understand how people actually make use of their services. They get to know about the usage of Twitter ads, widgets and buttons.
Cookies also let Twitter in delivering ads. They also help Twitter in measuring the performance. They assist Twitter in making relevant to you on the basis of criteria just like the visits on Twitter or your activities.
These technologies are used on the websites of Twitter. They are also used on the other websites which make use of the services of Twitter. They are used by the marketing partners and websites. These technologies might also be used by the third party websites when you interact with the content they publish.
The viewers are also provided with a wide variety of privacy options too. The users are provided with the choice of controlling and limiting the use of Twitter, their partners and all the other third party websites which make use of the cookies.
Cookies ensure better, faster and safe user experience. They are being used by a large number of websites. Twitter uses them in the same way like all other websites do for providing you with a perfect user experience.

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