24 April 2014
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The Use of Instagram for Businesses

Instagram is a Smartphone application which has been created to share edited photos with your followers. It is just like other social media networks on the web. It allows the users to create their account and then share their favourite photos with their followers i.e. the other users of Instagram who are connected to you to see your photos.

Instagram is a photo sharing website which was launched in 2010. The users are able to download, process them and then share them with all the other users with whom you are connected to on the network. The numbers of Instagram users have considerably increased in a very short time. More people are using it as its awareness is increasing over time.

Instagram can also be utilized for small businesses too. First of all, you need to register your account on it. If you want to register your business account, then you need to have a location page for the purpose. For having a location page, you must create an account on Foursquare. It is a social media website which has been created for mobile users across the world. Instagram makes use of database which is provided by Foursquare. For registering your account on Instagram, you need to register it on Foursquare as well.
Once you have created your account, you would require having large number of followers on your account. Here are some tips which can help you in earning greater traffic on your business Instagram account:
1. Always share intriguing content on your Instagram account. All the people who have been doing SEO marketing and content marketing know that content is the most significant thing which brings people to your site. Never fear to do experiments. Always try new tips and techniques and ask for the feedback of your followers on Instagram account.
2. You can make use of hashtags for finding followers and sharing your photos. When you are using hashtags, it is really important for you to be specific. This way, you would be able to find people who are working in the same field of interest as you do. You would be able to attract the people who are interested in your services. For that, you would have to look what other businesses are doing. Use their ideas and bring innovations in your business.
3. You can also share your photos on other social media networks as well. Instagram provides you with a sharing option in order to share your photos with your friends on other social media sites as well. Once, people will see your photos, they will try to follow you on Instagram too.
4. Also, ensure that you are sharing your stories with targeted audience. Be very authentic about the content that you share because you are going to get actual feedback on your posts too.
5. Be very consistent with your activities on Instagram in order to let people know that you are an active user of Instagram; otherwise they will forget about you.

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