10 March 2014
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Using Instagram for Business

Kevin Systrom was the developer of Instagram, a perfect mobile application for photo lovers. This social media website was launched in 2010. Instagram allows the users to download the photos, process them by using the filters and then share them with other users whom they are connected with. This mobile application is most commonly used by the people all around the world.
Instagram can yield a lot of benefits to small businesses. The first step is registration. You must have a location page for the purpose. Create an account in the Foursquare, which is a social media website based on the location of mobile users. This database is used by Instagram for the purpose of tagging the photos to locations. If you have not registered the location, you must register it right away!
The most important steps for this purpose include the signing up of your account with a username. You have to add your photo and then write the detailed information about the business and must also include a link to your website. You must also link it to other social media websites as well.
When you have created your account, now is the time to start building your presence for the enhancement of your visibility. The following strategies can be used:
• The people who are concerned with SEO, inbound marketing and other such marketing techniques feel that it is very significant to share the appealing content. The work actually starts up with the content. It must be intriguing and interesting. Always make sure that you ask about the feedback from your followers.
• Hashtags are one of the most important resources for attaining more followers. People who want to search specific followers make use of hashtags. This way, they are able to find like minded people who are interested in the same services and products as you are. You can target the people who like your product and want to purchase it. Another benefit is that you get a better insight of what other businesses are doing.
• The most advantageous strategy is sharing. Always make sure that your photos are shared on other sites of social media networks. Instagram lets you share the photos on all the other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr. This is a great way of making more people aware of your website.
• Always share valuable information with the audiences. It must be authentic and real. This way, your viewers are able to tell you if your content is valuable or not.
• Be consistent with your posts. Always post such content which keeps your audiences engaged and busy.
People usually think that Instagram filters destroy the photos. However, most of them think that the filters add a good touch to the photos. They are considered good for the modification of the photos.
These strategies are surely going to help you in getting maximum advantage from Instagram. Be productive and utilize your strategies in a productive way.

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