5 June 2014
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Using Instagram for Businesses

Many businesses are making use of Instagram for their brand promotion and marketing. Here are some beneficial ways which can help you in promoting your online business with the help of Instagram:
Tips for Using Instagram for Businesses
• You must create your own shop. People usually love to browse for finding the desirable products. Therefore, you must make shopping convenient for the users. It would be good if you share your entire collection of products that you are offering to the people. You can share the photos on your Instagram account. It would be good if you try to keep the people engaged by asking them what would be the best colours for the summer season and such other questions. In addition, you must share the photos of those products which are playing a significant role in the provision of your services.
• Most of the shoppers usually ask the questions regarding how the the product is manufactured. You can provide them with the satisfaction by sharing the photos of the manufacturing process. You can take photos at variant points in the process of manufacturing and then share them with your followers on Instagram. In case the manufacturing process is very lengthy, then it would be good that you make it a multi part post and keep on sharing the photos until the process of manufacturing ends.
• You can provide your Instagram followers with backstage passes. You can post photos of doing a photo shoot or filming a commercial or getting a made up for an interview. You need to go behind the scenes for taking the shots and sharing them with your followers in order to engage them.
• You need to show your customers regarding what your products has to offer to them. You can make efficient use of Instagram by creating a demand for helping the customers to imagine the uses of the product that you are offering to them. You can also ask the followers to submit their own photos to demonstrate the creative use of the products. Choose the best ones out of them. In case your business is selling products like make up or cosmetics, then you can share the shots of before and after the use of your product. The comparison of before and after would help the consumers in knowing what you sell and what are the basic benefits of purchasing your product.
• You must make your followers feel really special. You can provide them with the previews of the services that you offer to them. You can also provide them with virtual tours of your production facilities, news stores and offices as well. You must ensure that you are posting your photos to other social media networks as well as Instagram does not contain a feature of reposting.
Use these tips and you are surely going to get the most benefits out of your Instagram account. Best of Luck!

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