2 September 2014
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2 September 2014, Comments: Comments Off on Using Instagram on a Computer, PC or Mac

Using Instagram on a Computer, PC or Mac

There are many people who want to know how to make use of Instagram on computers so that they can easily upload the photos to Instagram directly from their computers.
The free app of Instagram has been designed for taking, editing and then sharing the photos on mobile phones rather than sharing them from desktops. The things which are considered important for their popularity are filters and effects which are utilized for enhancing the photos. Many people want to make use of these filters on the regularly used desktops in addition to using these filters on phones.

What is the solution?

Unfortunately, there is no application of Instagram which can be used on computers. Many users have filed their requests concerning the issue; however, no such help has been granted by Instagram yet.
Instagram is owned by Facebook. It recently introduced a new version of web which is known as “Your Instagram Feed on the Web”. This version allows the users to comment on the photos of others directly from the computers. However the web feed and website of Instagram does not allow you to upload the images from your desktop. They have been designed for displaying what people upload from their mobile phones on the web. It also provides you with your own area on the website.
There are many people who love using Instagram and they really wish to use a full version of this application on their desktop computers and laptops. This way, they would be able to figure that they can easily take their photos with an excellent camera and can filter them with the best filters available on Instagram. However, Instagram does not have such tools for uploading the pictures from desktops. It is just created for viewing and then sharing the videos and photos and you can manage the connections and accounts on Instagram.
Instagram needs to have a work around for it. There are many tech savvy folks who have developed certain workarounds for the users. You can install a program which has been designed for stimulating a mobile device system of operations on computer. It allows you to run the applications of mobile in that way. You can download the apps and install them on your computers. Once they are installed, search for Instagram with the help of search interface and then install it in the computer. Instagram is surely going to run and would allow you to see the photos of other people. However, you do not need to install an uploader of media for uploading your photos to Instagram. The best example of such programs is Media Sync.
You can also upload the non mobile photos on your Instagram via Dropbox. It is a free app created on the basis of cloud storage. It uploads the photos directly on the Dropbox. You can also use your phone and tablet for getting an access to the free area on Dropbox. Find out the photos that you need to share and then share them on Instagram.

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