29 October 2014
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Using Instagram for Job Search

This is the era of social media. Instagram can be utilizes for other services besides sharing your photos with your Instagram friends.
You just have to go through small process for using Instagram as a benefit in the procedure of your job search. It is not only a perfect way of establishing personal brands on the web but it also exhibits marketing skills for enhancing your digital experience on the web.

Ways how Instagram helps in job search

• In case you have loaded your Instagram with your photos and selfies, then it would be better if you consider creating a new Instagram account for a fresh start of social media. This way, you will be able to utilize your Instagram app for your job search process in a beneficial manner.
• Find out the ways you can market yourself and think on how you can use Instagram for your job search process. This is an easier process for you. For instance, if you are looking for the job of a tattoo artist, Instagram will be a perfect and the most effective kind of marketing services. It will help you in reaching out to other studios in a quick manner. However, if you want to search for the job of financial analyst, then Instagram is not recommended. It totally depends on you as you are one who can include this photo sharing useful app in the process of your job search. You have to be really creative. Think about the ideas and you will definitely come up with a lot of innovative ideas for utilizing the account and enhancing the portfolio for your job search.
• You can also make beneficial use of hashtags so that you can show your photos in searches. For instance, if you are an upcoming cook and you are working at any restaurant located in Ocean landing. You are working on your branding and upscaling your personality and skill via Instagram. For that, you have to create an Instagram account with your name with “chef” in the start. After that, you have to upload the photos of amazingly cooked and decorated meals on the Instagram. You have to match the hashtags which are specific to this area. In case of food, you can include the word food in your hashtags. People working in the relevant field are going to see your photos and chances of your hiring will significantly increase.
You can also use this application for searching famous tags in the niche market. Do not use too many hashtags in your photos. Limit their usage as too many hashtags irritate people.
• Start following companies which are working in your field. You have to stay updated with them and check them regularly. They might post something regarding finding a person like you for an empty vacancy in their organization. Be alert and stay connected with the Instagram accounts of all the big organizations in your field of work.

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