22 February 2014
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22 February 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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Using Twitter for Marketing Purposes

Twitter is very beneficial for marketing purposes. The question is how you would use this famous 140 character social media website for driving more traffic to your business. A lot of experts and marketing pros have made use of Twitter for the marketing of their brands, products and services. Here are some useful ways for successfully marketing your business on Twitter:
1. It would be good for you to optimize your twitter bio. Make sure that the identity of your company is well branded. Your bio tells people who you are and it also incorporates a link to your company’s website and landing page. It must have a consistent tone in order to let people clearly understand who you actually are and what you do.
2. Find out the experts and influencers who are there in your target areas. Keep a regular contact with them. You can use various tools on Twitter for finding like minded people, customers and other influencers by searching those keywords which relate to your working industry. After finding them out, follow then and maintain an interaction with them on daily basis. Make a list of most influential people who are in your space including leaders, customers, journalists, bloggers, writers and potential partners. Add them in your private list of twitter and then get engaged with them on regular basis. It would be good to stay casual with then but not promotional. Build such a relationship which helps you in getting knowledge. Keep on looking for chances to collaborate.
3. First of all, you must get the help of your internal people for building your business brand. Your business colleagues can definitely help you out in doing do. Add your co workers and colleagues on Twitter. Make sure that all of them are added in your Twitter list. Also, keep them engaged by following, tweeting and retweeting. This would surely assist you in building the brand of your business.
4. The best way is to tweet regularly. Regular tweeting is a symbol of active and a healthy profile. Keep on updating your status and posts on twitter. Never let it go dead. It would be great if you keep on posting regularly; once in a week. In case, you would not post regularly, then people would forget that you exist on the social media website. Therefore, keep your post active by regularly tweeting on it.
These are a few ways which can help you in twitter marketing. If you have a business brand and you are looking forward to market it, then these tips are surely going to assist in doing so. Keep your profile maintained, healthy and active and follow the right people, who relate to your field of work. This would enhance the knowledge of the readers and in turn, would promote your business to a great extent as well.
Marketing with Twitter would definitely benefit you as there are millions of people who have signed up on this famous social media website.

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