16 December 2013
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Using YouTube To Attract And Retain Customers Part 2

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1Use Of Other Social Sites
You can create a personal YOUTUBE channel where you post your videos each time you upload them. This helps users to subscribe to your account thus they are always aware whenever you post a video. You can also comment on other videos that fall in your line of interest. Linking your videos with other social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or other sites helps a great deal in attracting more customers. This is because linking the videos with the sites helps in increasing their exposure to more people.

Online Advertisements
This is creating business adverts online in terms of its products, operation and services and uploading these specific videos through YouTube. The videos are quality to attract viewers and enable a video to go viral. This increases exposure of products and services online by presenting a brand to the general mass who visits YouTube. Businesses also upload customer testimony videos from customers who have used the products or services branded by a company. This increases the business’s popularity hence marketing itself to the clients. Uploaded videos present solutions to common product or service problem.

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