1 July 2014
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Using YouTube for Video Hosting- Some Benefits

YouTube was created in 2005 and was purchased by Google for about 1.6 billion dollars. The thing which makes YouTube unique is its user friendly video hosting and service of video sharing. It not only allows you to watch the videos but it also lets you upload your videos and add comments to them too. You can also subscribe to the videos of your favourite producers on YouTube as well. YouTube opens up the doors for businesses for bringing products to the sight of millions of customers. Although we are aware of the benefits of YouTube, here are some most prominent benefits which are rendered by YouTube for video hosting.
Previously, many businesses and brands used to utilize third party video hosting services to upload their videos; however, when the popularity of YouTube increased, all the brands shifted their focus to YouTube. Now, many companies and brands are using YouTube for enhancing the exposure of their business. If you are running a blog on individual basis or you are running a firm of video editing, then it would be a good idea for you to use YouTube. Although you would not be allowed to upload premium content; however, you can easily utilize YouTube for the hosting procedure of a normal video of your brand.
YouTube and Video Hosting
A video becomes quite successful when it is visible on the web. YouTube provides your video with the amount of exposure you want without putting a lot of effort into it. You just have to select the right video to upload at the right place in the perfect category. It is a very simple process and it would allow you to reach maximum number of people within no time. If you have a clear video, it would grab the attention of the users much quickly. You can easily embed the videos in your websites and blogs too. Your video, if it is good enough, can also be approached from the sources other than YouTube. You can also change the privacy of your YouTube videos too.
In case you are planning to host the videos on the video hosting platform of your own, then you would have to invest a lot of money into it. Google did not use to allow the sharing of commercial video; however, it has changed its terms and conditions now and has allowed video sharing of brands. You would not have to invest again and again into the procedure. This way, you would be able to save extra costs too.
You must not choose a hard way of doing your business especially when you are provided with the opportunity of using an easy way for attaining similar results. YouTube is quite easier to use as compared with other video sharing platforms available on the web. You just have to create an account and start uploading your videos on it. You can add comments, reply and delete the comments whenever you want by signing into your account.

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