25 October 2014
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Video Tutorial for Instagram Users

Besides recording and editing the Instagram video, you can also share it on social media too. When the video is complete, Instagram asks you where you want to share it. The options include Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. You can also share the video by sending email which contains a link to the website version to your video.
As Instagram allows you to write suitable captions with the photos, it also provides you with the option of writing captions for your short video clips as well. When you type the message for your Instagram video, you are provided with the option of sharing it with social media networks. A clickable list is provided to you. You just have to click on the option of preferable social media network for sharing it. After that, click on the option of “share” present at the top of the Instagram interface.
You might get different messages regarding the upload of your video. However, the process of sharing your Instagram video is completed when you click on the option of “share”.

Instagram video apps

There are a lot of video applications which can help you in recording an Instagram video. A lot of video sharing apps have been developed for Instagram users over time. You can also create vines (a small video) for uploading on Instagram. In addition to sharing vines, there are many other mobile video applications which can be considered for using with Instagram. The most popular Instagram mobile video apps are SocialCam, Viddy and Tout.
If you are a frequent user of Instagram video recorder, then it would be great if you learn the basic video editing rules. You must know the positions of shooting you short videos with Instagram cam. In addition, you must learn about different angles which can help you in creating an attractive and a useful video. You must be aware of all the terms and conditions which are associated with the usage of Instagram as well.
Instagram only lets you shoot a video of 15 seconds at max. After you have recorded your video, it is possible that you might want to record longer clips. If you want to create a longer video, then you can create and then upload it on YouTube. For that, you will have to learn the basic settings of YouTube.
If you want to edit your videos to add effects and sounds, then you can also use various professional editing software which are easily available on the internet. Some of the software are free to use whereas some of them have to be purchased for getting the benefits.
So, if you are fond of creating short videos and love to share them with your friends on other social media networks, then you can make effective use of Instagram for the purpose. Instagram help will provide you with effective guideline regarding the use of Instagram video camera and its settings.

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