6 November 2014
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Ways of Getting More Twitter Followers

People usually take a glance towards your follower count before making the decision of following you on Twitter. When you have a very high number of Twitter followers, it becomes a measure of your popularity on the web. You become likeable, noteworthy and influential on Twitter among your followers. Therefore, you need to have more and more followers on Twitter if you want to be successful.

Tips for getting more Twitter followers

You can try the following strategies for getting started with your Twitter account:
• Your Twitter profile photo must provide the viewers with a close view of your personality and your face. For instance, if you are planning to attend tweetups, then you can use photos which let people recognize you when they are in front of you.
• People rarely come to you when it comes to Twitter following. Therefore, the best strategy would be to follow them. You can make use of Twitter’s Who to Follow directory for finding and following the people who have mutual interests and tweets. When it gets combined with the next strategy, you might get a follow back on Twitter.
• When you find new people to follow, browse their news feed and then find the tweets you can respond to. When you respond to their tweets, they would pay attention to you and will follow you too. You must treat the home news feed as a chat room.
• In case you own a website, then the best way to turn them into fans and followers would be to add “follow” button into your website. In case you have a Facebook page, you can post a link to the profile of Twitter in order to let people find you on the web.
• The blog posts provide you with a chance to comment with your Twitter name. The websites which make use of Disqus will let you get logged in your Twitter account. You can also fill up the empty spaces of name with your name of Twitter as well.
• There are many areas where regular twitter get-togethers are organized. These are termed as tweetups. These are the events where local tweeters meet with each other for drinks or some events of social media. You can find out your own tweetup organizer and can attend an event too.
• It has been researched that most of the retweeted posts incorporate the phrase “please retweet” in them. Whenever you are retweeted by others, your tweets are going to show up in front of thousands of people. This way, your followers increase in number.
• You can also join tweet chats as they help you in creating interactive conversations by using a single hashtag. When you join a tweet chat, you are able to make new friends in a quick way. You can get engaged in the chat using TweetChat.com. It makes it easier for you to participate in the Twitter chat groups, ultimately increasing your Twitter followers.

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