23 December 2013
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Ways on how to use YouTube to benefit your business.

YouTube is a video sharing platform which allows users to upload and share videos. You are likely about to ask yourself why use YouTube. Well here are your answers:
• YouTube is the second largest search Engine.
• Broad demographic website in the world with more than 300 million viewers these means that your business is likely to known. If you wish to connect to your customer, show your expertise ,share your knowledge, market and advertise your products and even attract new potential customers then you tube is the right website to visit.
• The benefits of YouTube are far reaching, since this video hosting service can allow you to connect with more customers than you ever imagined. here are the many ways on how you could use you tube for businesses that offer any type of products and services
• One can use YouTube for business by directing clients to video clips that your expertise or ways on how to use your products and services.
• One can use YouTube for businesses by transforming podcast into YouTube video to reach more potential customers
• One can upload presentations and slides in order to provide information to those people who didn’t get the chance to attend and also to those that work at home.
• One can receive input from the YouTube community regarding to videos and topics related to ones business
• One can upload and enhance presentations or videos by the use of YouTube’s special features
• One is able to record and upload meetings that can be viewed by other employees and also investors from various places or countries, who may be interested.
• One should upload videos showing real faces behind products. A lot of people like buying from others and therefore they would love to know personal details about the company that one works with and therefore creating a video with real employees would add authenticity to your brand.
• One can upload clients’ testimonials to share with other potential clients. Posting video testimonials on YouTube website could be a very good selling technique since it increases chances of finding your video online and these gives an opportunity to convince potential customers to do business with you. Video testimonials are more far believable than when written.
• It helps one to upload personal messages that give your business credibility with Customers.
• One can use YouTube for business by uploading videos demonstrating how customers should use a particular product. One could use a home depot sine its one of the famous examples of posting helpful videos about how to use products.
• Also one can use YouTube in order to show the clients how products operates before the they can purchase so that it can give them a clear answer on what they are to purchase. These make it easier therefore, avoiding questions from the customers.
• It helps to improve inner communication within the organization.
• It helps to strengthen relationships with clients and brings about growth within an organization.
Therefore, if you want your young business to grow in a very high rate, YouTube is the best searching engine to use.

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