17 June 2014
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17 June 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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Welcome To The FB World!

Emerging as one the famous social networking sites, Facebook has its roots which date back to 4 February 2004. Been in operation for more than 10 years, the site has millions of fans which continue to increase with each passing day. The name comes as a colloquial term which has its origins as a term used at some universities in America.
Initially founded by the students of Harvard University, the site was available for use within the university by limiting its membership to the students only. Later on, the accessibility of the site was extended to colleges in Boston, Ivy League and Stanford University. And then the site never saw the limit! The access continued to grow and the site is now literally available to be accessed and used by anyone who is literate and an internet connection.
To use the site, users need to register by creating a personal profile and then getting their account signed up. Once you have an account, you can sign in and add friends. What the site offers is wide ranged and starts from messaging to receiving notifications to staying in real time contact and what not.
There are interest groups and there are fan pages. You can join what interests you and enjoy information regarding your personal interests while staying back at home. Not only this, you can manage your friends into lists such as close friends, family, acquaintances. This setting helps you organize your information while remaining selective in whatever way you want. For instance, if you have to share content which you do not want your acquaintances to accept, you can change that content’s setting to close friends and only they will be able to access that particular post.
Moreover, you are free to post statuses, pictures, videos or anything you like. It’s all free! What makes anything the most popular is the fact that it comes as a free gift, and so does Facebook! So much information, so much to surf and that too, totally free! Many people have been learning and growing using Facebook due to the content offered by the website. Had it not been the free availability of information over the platform, many people would not have been able to entail this much information.
The other feature which has made the site so much popular is its user friendly interface and integrated working. The way it has brought together so many users, businesses, groups and fans onto a single platform is surprisingly amazing. People have been attracted to the site because of the appealing appearance and the easy interface not offered by many other famous websites.
It is the well established system that has been working to provide an excellent service to its users which largely contributes to the fame Facebook enjoys today. The genius minds that created the website are surely the most brilliant ones of time for they created a thing which will continue to be used by millions of users for the times to come.

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