20 May 2014
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What is (Twitter)?

(Twitter) is an online social network service and microblogging service. It enables users to write and read 140 characters long messages, also known as „tweets“. Jack Dorsey, Ewan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass created it in 2006, and it quickly gained popularity. In 2012, it had over 500 million registered users. Those users are posting over 340 million tweets daily. This site is often called „the SMS of the Internet“, regarding the length of the tweets. In 2013, it was among Top 10 most visited websites. If you want to write and read tweets, you have to register, and if you just want to read it, you do not have to be registered. You can access (Twitter) using computer interface, mobile phones applications or SMS. (Twitter) means „chirps from birds“ (that is why a bird is in (Twitter) logo), but also „a short burst of inconsequential information“.

What is good in (Twitter)?
(Twitter) is very comfortable to use. You join; enter your email address, and go to link send on your address. Once you joined, you can start tweeting. You have only 140 characters, and it makes you think what to write. So, just essential information without empty blabber will appear in tweets. It is much updated, and you can find the latest news there, practically in the moment things happen. It is very simple, and page design is very clear, without unnecessary adding. There are no limits about who can follow your tweets. If you do not block someone from following you, everyone can follow. Tweet Scoop Service can help you realize what is trendy in a moment. Thanks to TweetDeck search, you can find out what other people think of you. (Tweeter) can be also very helpful tool to promoting your business or yourself. Many famous people use it as a promoting tool. There are not too many ads, such in some other sites.
What is bad in (Twitter)?
Since anyone can do it, there are plenty of contests that are not interesting and good, but only created to take space. This way it becomes hard to follow any conversation pretty soon, and any meaningful discussion is practically impossible. If you already have the Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and some other social network service account, you will find it hard to create updates for all of them. Like other social networks, it is very addictive, so be careful not to subordinate your real life to online existence. Fake profiles are easy to create, so there is a big question who are you following, or who follows you. As we said, (Twitter) design is very simple. That is also a disadvantage since there is no place for some information about yourself, or some other contest.
What is new on (Twitter)?
Most of the modern technology trends have short lives. We all know that modern technologies made our life faster, and that is also happening with trends. They appear faster, and disappear as fast as they appeared. Yesterday´s trend is today´s old news, and if you want to be updated, you must be in touch all the time. (Twitter) continues to upgrade, and today trends are mostly going in the direction of using mobile devices for tweeting. When you see all this, you can say (Twitter) is good social media, only if you use its right way.

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